The Phnom Penh Municipality Should Not Ban Steet Sellers in the Sidewalks

The municipality of Phnom Penh has started crackdown against the poor people who is the street sellers along the sidewalks in order to maintain the beauty of city, but for me I as a Cambodian people I do not support it.

 Based on my experiences, in some cities in the region, especially in Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta etc there are a lot of street seller as in Phnom Penh, fortunately there is no banning. Those cities still permit them, but they manage them under social order because those sidewalks are a profitable place for the poor people to start up their own business with little capita and provide job to thousands people.

 Based on this, I think that Phnom Penh’s authorities should not ban our poor people, but please manage them under our social order and provide legal status to them. This way will make our city will have good order and beauty and get tax that is the extra-benefit for the national budget. Furthermore, it also makes our poor people apply their own business legally and make our city more active.

I think that order is what our city needs to attract foreign tourists, but I think they do not want to see only order, they also want to see the city’s social life. I think the street sellers are not illegal. They do their own small business to support their family legally and what is illegal in the eyes of authorities for them is just selling in sidewalk. They do not want to do their business a long the street but they do not have mean so please consider this point.


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