Cambodia Will Have Bee Farm

A bee farm are going to run in Cambodia in near future by Mong Rithy, a Cambodia tycoon in parthnership with a British company.

This joint investment is around USD 1 million. And the bee and the technical will be imported from Australia, Mr. Mong Rithy said.

“The farm will be located in ha 4000 AKASA farm in Keo Phuos Area, Tum Nop Ralak district, Preahsihanouk province”, he said.

 Cambodia is a rich bio-diversity in the world and there are a lot of animal and insect. Bee in the forest also have many different families, but the reason that Mr. Mong Rithy import the Australian bee into the farm because those domestic bee is not the bee for industrial purpose.

“Before I also suggest, the expert to explore or study about the domestic bee, but it can not because the domestic bee is the natural resource and it can not stay at the man make’ s habitat”, Mr. Mong said.

The honey will be for local market and UK markets, he said.


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