Kampot Pepper is a Potential Product to Export

The Kampot pepper’s export demand increase day to day, but the quantity of the export is around 10 tonnes, Nguon Lay, President of the Kampot Pepper Association said.

At this moment, the Cambodian pepper product, mainly from Kampot can export around 3 tonnes to French, and some to Japan, Australia and etc. and the demand is so big but Kampot can only support around this quantity because the farmers can not increase production yet, he said. 

Today there are only 9,75 ha are the pepper field and can product around 17 tonnes, and most of the pepper tree are old so the production are not so high to support the demand.  The new generation is still growing and expect to product at least 3 years later. Among 17 tonnes, the unstandard for export is around 7 tonnes.

In the past 3 years pepper price is so low and most of pepper farmer in Kampot  try to destroy their fields, except now.

At that time a killogram of black pepper can only exchange a killogram of sea fish, but today is better it can exchange in dollars. A killogram of Kampot black pepper is around USD 5,75, red pepper is around USD 10,50, and the white pepper is around USD12,50, Mr. Nguon Lay said.

In order to feed the export demand, today there are around 118 farmers and 12 companies is trying to regrowing the pepper tree and expect to product more in next 3 years.



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