Cambodia Build One More Hydro Dam

Russey Chrum Krom Hydro Construction Site, it expected to generate about 338 MW with a Chinese investor with nearly USD496 millions

Russey Chrum Krom Hydro Dam in Bak Khlong Commune, Mon Dul Sei Ma, Koh Kong-Southwestern province of Cambodia invested by China Huadian Corporation from China with USD 495.76 millions start constructing yesterday.

It would be build in 5 year and under 35 years concession. It expected to generate 338 MWin 2014.

According to Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy, Russey Chrum Krom Hydro Dam is one of 8 energies project that the government of Cambodia approved. The first project is Kirirom1 hydro dam with 12 MW capacity, Kamchay hydro dam with 193,2 MW, Stung Atay hydro damwith 120 MW, Kirirom 3 hyrdro dam with 18 MW, a coal power plant 1 with 100MW, Stun Tatay hydro dam with 246MW, and the coal power plan 2 with 270 MW.kam chay hydro dam build in Kampot

It stated that Lower Sesan 2 with 400 MW is negotiating and 12 more hydro projects are under studying.

All of these energy sources are invested by Chinese investor, some from Vietnam, and Malaysia.


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