Vietnam Say Cambodia is its Second Biggest Oversea Investment

Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) said Cambodia is second largest of its overseas investment in 25 countries over the world, according to Vietnam News, an English Vietnamese Daily Newspaper.

Cambodian-Angkor Air, the natinal air carrier and joint venture by 49 Vietnamese investor and 51 share by Cambodian government

FIA said during the past 12 months, Venezuela attracted the largest share of Vietnamese investment with $1.83 billion. It was followed by Cambodia with more than $387 million, Mozambique with $345 million and Laos with $132 million.

A Vietnamese Trade Faire in Cambodia recently

This is information from Vietnamese site, but according to Council for Development of Cambodia’s eleven month statistic, Vietnamese is the fourth foreign investor of Cambodia follow South Korea, China, Malaysia.

CDC said in 11 month  in 2010 there were USD 1.020 millions from South Korea, USD 685 millions from China, USD 171 millions from Malaysia, and USD 114 millions Vietnam.

Vietnamese are investing in Cambodia in agro-industry sector, mines exploration, service, tourism, telecom, and transportation.


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