Two Top Cambodian Commedians Were Trouble

Krem and Koy, two top popular Cambodian comedian were trouble yesterday, local media report.

Koy confirm loss USD 30.000 in a robbering yesturday

Koy, the most popular Cambodian com median always appeared on CTN channel around 12:30 am to 1:00 pm every Saturday life program has been loss USD 30.000 in a robbering case yesterday when he drove his car to a garage in Tek La Ak3, Tulkak, Phnom Penh. A robber used a hand gun and ask Koy to release his belonging such as diamond necklaces, and ring. It happened around 12 am yesterday

Krem and his group were in the shooting case about 10 time in the restaurant in Banteay Meanchey when they were having dinner

Krem, the most popular Cambodian comedian always appeared on Bayon’s Rural Concert life program and his stars were in a  shooting case in a Chum No Sesen, in Banteay Meanchey by a police officers around 10 pm yesterday. He was not injured when he and his group are enjoying the dinner at the restaurant


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