Cambodian Need USD 350 Millions to Buy Paddy Rice for Export Market

Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance’s officer Mr. Mei Van was quote by Cambodia Express News today that Cambodian need at least US 350 millions to buy paddy rice to supply the world market.

This is the real picture at the paddy rice field in Cambodia. Most the the rice production done mostly done like this. Please buy Cambodian rice product

Cambodia plan to export rice to the world market at least 1 millions tones by 2015, but fund is one of the most challenges to complete this ambitious.

Mr. Mei Van said in order to feed the demand ministry of economic and finance already loan around USD 36 millions to the Association Alliance of Rice Millers in Cambodia, but this loan is to small while Cambodian need approximately USD 350 millions.

Mr. Pur Puy, Chairman of the Association Alliance of Rice Millers in Cambodia said today in the Cambodian rice millers has around USD 136 millions.

The rice millers owned fund is USD 75 millions, loans from commercial banks around USD 25 millions, and loans from the government of Cambodia  is USD 36 millions, he was quote by the CEN.

Mr. Sok Kun Tor, General-Director of Rural Development Bank said if compare to neighboring country that are the first and the second world rice exporter, Cambodian fund to support the world market is quite low.

Vietnamese has reserved USD 12 Billions, Thai around USD 4 billions, he quoted by CEN.


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