Cambodian’s total Investment in 2010 is USD 2.7 billions

The total investment in Cambodian in 2010 worth USD 2.7 billion, while transportation service investment rise up to USD1.06 billions, Rasmei Kampuchea Daily report.

The council for development of Cambodia show the Cambodian’s FDI in 2010 down USD 3.1 billion if compare to 2009, while that year the total investment was USD 5.8 billions, the paper said.

The service investment in 2010 worth USD 1.06 billions. It rose up around USD 649 millions. Industry worth USD 945.4 millions, it was down USD12.5 millions. Agriculture sector was USD 554.3 millions, it was down around USD 35.5 millions. The tourism sector down dramatically. In 2010 the investment in tourism sector was USD 132 millions, while in 2009 it was USD 3.7 billion, paper said.

The top five foreign investors in Cambodia in 2010 was South Korea with USD 1.026 billions, China was USD 694 millions, Malaysia was USD 167.4 millions, Vietnam was USD 115 millions and Taiwan was USD 92 millions.


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