Sambo, an Aggressive Elephant Died

Sambo, an aggressive elephant who was hauled by a truck from a village in a Cambodia’s southwestern province Kampong Speu died on valentine day, Zoologist Phnom Tamao Nheak Ratanak Pich confirm today.

Sambo, an aggresive elephant who was transport from his home village to Phnom Tamao zoo

Nheak Ratanak Pich said, Sambo died at 5 am morning on February 14 by older.

We don’t know the cause of Sambo’s death, but some said he may died because of his elder. He may be more than 80 years old.

According to zoologist Phnom Tamao, Sambo died when zoologists plan to breed him with three female elephants at the zoo.

Sambo has been transported to Tamao on February 25, after he killer his feeder and make the villager shock.  No body known his real age, but he was 5 tones.

At the zoo he has been keep in a cage away from 5 elephant at the zoo because of this aggressive behavior.

Mr. Tuy Serei Vatana , Elephant expert for FFI said, an elephant can survive from 80 to 100 years old.


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