Cambodian Expect to Export Silk over USD 30 millions

Cambodian expect to export silk to international market more than USD 30 millions per year soon, Minister of Commerce Mr. Cham Prasidh said.

Cambodian Silk Product (Internet )

Mr. Cham Prasidh decline to give exact year to promote Cambodian silk to reach that prediction, but he said that if all sector are all interest to promote and work hard it would reach the target soon.

According to statistic from trade promotion department, ministry of commerce, Cambodian silk today find some market in United State of America, Japan, and EU in a volume around USD 4 millions.

Cambodian Traditional silk production (Internet)


Ms. Seng Takakneary, Managing Director of Sentosa Silk, a company that export some silk to Japan, Unites States, EU and Australia said today her company and other partner from 53 silk production communities across the country can export around USD 2 millions.

Cambodian silk market has its potential, but we still have a major challenge. Our silk creation still depend on the raw silk import so we the cost is too expensive, said she.

The Trade Promotion said most of local silk producer nearly forget their production. Up to now there are around 700 families in northwestern province still apply this production, but their product can not support the market demand. They can product only from 3 to 5 tones and sell around USD 165,000 to USD 275,000, while Cambodian market import around 400 tones to 500 tones a year from China, Vietnam, India, South Korea and Italian.


One Response to “Cambodian Expect to Export Silk over USD 30 millions”

  1. SOK Phearak Says:

    Dear sir or madam, due to the above situation I have an idea to start up silk production in order to creat job for my old women community.

    We have the potential of growing mulbery plants and raising worms but we do not know about the raw silk market. Can you help to introduce the company who buy this product?
    my email:

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