Phnom Penh Governor Deny Boeung Kak’s Resident Demand

15ha development on site propose by the resident in Beoung Kak has been denied by Mr. Kep Chutema, governor of Phnom Penh in a meeting today, Cambodian News Express report today.

Boeugn Kak situation after sand pump to fill the lake site for construction


According the report, Mr. Kep Chutema said if the Boeung Kak’s resident still propose the 15ha on site he will not meet the those people again.

Boeumg Kak Developer

The Boeung Kak community is a victim of Cambodia’s booming economy. In 2007, the Cambodian government granted a US$3-billion concession to Shukaku Inc., a local investment company to jointly develop a 130-hectare area around Boeung Kak with a Chinese company.

Boeung Kak after the land concession has been approved

Local people say land in the area now costs up to US$1,500 per square meter and ask authorit

The issues still going on up to today

y to keep 15ha on site for their resident.

Issue has been come, a lot of villager protest te invesment plan


One Response to “Phnom Penh Governor Deny Boeung Kak’s Resident Demand”

  1. Kangkung Says:

    I just visited the dried Boeung Kak Lake yesterday (Jul 26, 2011). It’s sad. I arrived for the first time at Phnom Penh on January 2005 and stay at Phnom Penh Hotel, sure I know well the place, Boeung Kak lake area are uniqe. I like it as they were before.

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