Cambodian Gecko Find Market in Malaysia

A Cambodian Muslim Lady said now she is feeding 150 geckos in her own house in order to sell for Malaysian brokers, Rasmei Kampuchea Daily report.

All of the 150 geckos are sold from villagers who catch them up from their house. She can buy from USD 10 to USD 20 per gecko depend on its weigh.

Ms. Mat Asiyas, the gecko feeder said she can buy USD 10 if the gecko is 15 grams and USD 20 if the gecko is 20 grams.

Now she is feeding the gecko by support the cricket and other insect for them wait the gecko became 30 gram she can sell to Malaysian buyer.

According to Ms. Mat Asiyas if the gecko weigh up to 30 gram, Malaysian buyer promise to buy USD 10,000.

Unfortunately after the paper published, Cambodian officer came to her house and seized all the geckos and fine her up to Riel 1,5 million or USD 300 under wildlife law.

But some conservative said the authorities’ cracking down is illegal because this gecko is not the wild animal. All the gecko are catch in the village only.


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