Some Cambodian Farmers Start Cricket Farm

When the demand of the cricket is high, now some Cambodian farmers start to feed the cricket to supply the domestic market and Thai markets.

cricket and its egg on the plate at the farm

Mr. Tung Kim Sean, Farmer in Phum Dei Thmei, Poi Pet, Banteay Meanchey said now he is feeding thousand cricket and hope to sell to the market in next few month.

He said he start the feed the crickets by buying the cricket eggs 100 plates and now, they hatch and lay eggs up to 300 plates.

“I hope I can sell the cricket when, my cricket lay eggs up to 500 plates”, he said.

One of the recipe make from cricket

According to Tung Kim  Sean, after the it lay egg to 13 days, it hatch and up to 45 days they can grow up and lay eggs.

Crickets egg can sell up to USD 3 and crickets can sell per kilogram USD 2,5 to make food with money different recipe.


35 Responses to “Some Cambodian Farmers Start Cricket Farm”

  1. ស្រលាញ់ខ្ញែរ Says:

    Dear All,

    I want to buy cricket eggs to make my own farm, can you tell me where do I contact for buy cricket?


  2. ស្រលាញ់ខ្ញែរ Says:

    Dear Sophirom

    I already contact with Mr Sean, to buy egg cricket, and Is possible if you introduce me to look some cricket farm around Phnom Penh, because I heard you said have cricket farm in Phnom penh.


  3. measrath007 Says:

    Dear Lokru,

    I am a cambodian citizen who live in Preah Vihear province. I really interested in cricket farming as you have stated in your content above.

    May you tell me Mr tung kim seang is willing to give us his experience?

  4. Sam Nang Says:

    I am interested in cricket farm.But i want to know about income. Can u tell me? Thanks.

  5. Sokha Says:

    Dear All,
    I have both cricket egg and cricket to sell. I can share experiences if you want to buy. Please contact me by 017 330799 if you want to buy it.

  6. Sokha Says:

    sure, it is good profit as it is easy to feed and sell. just call me if any one you know need it.

  7. youra Says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    We are operating a live cricket farm here in Phnom Penh, selling live cricket, eggs.
    If anyone interest, please contact us at: 012-836 612/015-845 865.

  8. youra Says:

    it is going ok for now as we have just started…..

  9. lovelyphea Says:

    how for a plate of cricket egg?

    • Lovelypeace Says:

      How many plate of egg cricket would u like to buy?

      • lovelypeace Says:

        I have a cricket farm in Phnom Penh, if u want to buy a cricket egg or cricket, please contact me 0977301311 or 011342522.
        A cricket egg for an each plate costs 3$, but if you buy more than 100 plates, it costs 2.50$ for an each plate.

  10. Lovelypeace Says:

    I have cricket egg to sell, one plate 3 dollar. Please contact me if u want or interested in it.

  11. Chheng Buntha Says:

    Dear Sophirom

    I just started my cricket farm and will havest soon. Where could i sell my cricket?

  12. ihad Says:

    Dear All,

    I am living in Phnom Penh and interested to start this cricket farm. I hope within this week I will contact one of you to help me how to start this business and I’ll buy from you as well. If you don’t mind please connect us to the market as well would be very thankful to you.

  13. Sok Him Says:

    I want to buy much live crickets. I need the best cricket. Is it Doung Cricket? Please contact me 016 937 011 (Sok Him). Thanks.

  14. Sok Him Says:

    ខ្ញុំចង់ទិញចង្រិតដូង។​ តើមាននរណា​លក់ទេខ្ញុំចង់ទិញច្រើនណាស់។ សូមអរគុណ។ ទាក់ទង៖​​ 016​​ 937 011

  15. sothea Says:

    Dear all!
    i have cricket farm. i want to sale cricket. can u tell me, where should i sale it?what’s number i can contact sale it?

  16. Buntha Says:

    Anyone who interested in cricket business please visit our facebook account: Greenfarms Cambodia on Cricket Page. or you can call 016456657

  17. Mayoura Says:

    Anybody interested in my crickets farm here in Phnom penh (Reussey Keov District), you could come and see by yourself.
    We sell adult crickets for consumption, crickets egg if you want to open your own farm….
    We are located behind SOKIMEX potroleum storage on National Road 5, about 3 km from Chrouy Changva bridge.

  18. Piseth Says:

    Dear all
    I’m Piseth I 1 2 selll cricket . Please contact me..015990000,066990000

  19. SAME Says:

    Dear all,

    I want to find the lay egg of cricket dong, if all of you know where can I find this, kindly give contact number for me, I’m now start up with small size cricket, you can contact me via 012 87 2626

  20. IHAD Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    It seems there are many who have started this cricket business. I don’t know if we can meet one another to start a business chain so that we could able to help one another, especially for the marketing. I am willing to discuss about this if you would like too. Now I have started as well. This is my contact number 016 515201. Thanks

  21. IHAD Says:

    Sorry this is the correct number 015 515261

  22. lovelypeace Says:

    sorry in advance: we won’t have anymore cricket egg for selling. please do not contact to these phone number anymore: 011342522 0977301311

  23. Ragina Says:

    Hello, I am a student doing a research paper on cricket farming in Cambodia. I am focusing on how farmers can increase their yields while remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

    Can you please tell me what kind of environmental issues a cricket farmer faces? How would they deal with those issues?


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