Thai and Cambodian Joint Buddhist Pilgrim, but Do the Conflict End after the Pilgrim?

According to a Thai’s website- , a Cambodian Buddhist  and a Thai Buddhist group joined ‘Dhamma Yatra’ Buddhist pilgrims to push bother  countries leader to use Dhamma as a means to end the armed conflict between the two neighbouring countries, but my idea is that Dhamma may be cannot settle the issues when Thai leaders and some Thai extremist group keep their ambitious on 4.6 km2.

This website said the Thai Buddhist group led by Sulak Sivaraksa, a prominent Thai intellectual and social critic, known for his outspokenness, marched from Wat Mai Sai Thong in Aranyaprathet district of Sa Kaeo province to the Thai-Cambodian Friendship bridge on the border to welcome a Buddhist group from Cambodia which marched from a temple in Ou Chrov district of Banteay Meanchey province to the bridge.

The groups held joint activities, including prayers, and lighting candles for peace and unity before proceeding to Wat Mai Sai Thong for more activities scheduled to be held until Wednesday, website said.

Thai and Cambodian Buddhist monks and academics were to attend forums and discussions on Buddhism and and seeking together the means to find solutions to the conflicts and obstructions to building peace.

The Joint Dhamma Yatra was a cooperation between Buddhists in Thailand and Cambodia to create friendship and peace; and ease the conflict and mistrust between the two countries.

This pilgrim have been done to coincide with Visakha Buchea Day Tuesday which marks the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of  Buddha, which according to tradition miraculously fell on the same month and date in each of the three years when both countries have been known as prominent  Buddhism countries in the world. This is so meaningful for the people, especially the elder generation in both countries, but do it became the realistic of the end point of the conflict between both countries?

As the two countries respect the Buddha, but sometime the Buddha’s Dhamma in the modern day cannot influence.

On behalf of I am Cambodian and one of the people who believe in Buddha I also pray for peace along the border with the pilgrim group.


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