International Court of Justice is a good Idea to End the Conflict

Cambodian plan to take Tamon and Ta Krabei temple, the two 13thcentury in Odarmeanchey to international court of justice in Hague, this have been said by Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday when he presided over the ground breaking ceremony of national road number  41.

You want to see Tamon like this or you want to see anather picture

I am strongly support this idea and hope that Thai government will agree to apply this way better than keep the situation as today.

Ta Krabei during the fighting in late April and early May

I think that if the situation still as today it will affect the development of the temples and interrupt the local people everyday life where they are two important elements to attract the foreign visitors and generate the local economic activities in the area.

Military during the fighting time

Because of the conflict more than 10 soldiers and people in both side have been killed and there are a round 5000 shells have been discover in the area of the battle fields in the fighting in late April up to early May.

But what I am concern is that respecting the verdict. This will be no problem for Cambodia site, but for Thailand it could as the experience for the Preah Vihea’s verdict in 1962 as example.

According to the ICJ’s verdict Preah Vihear are belong to Cambodia, but Thai have been not satisfied and let this issued up to today that lead the government of Cambodia step to submit another complaint to interpret the verdict, therefore if the dispute over Tamon and Ta Krabei step to the ICJ account please consider in all corner of the issue otherwise the problem  happened again as Preah Vihear.


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