First Quarter, Cambodian-Vietnamese Bilateral Trade Bigger than Cambodian-Thai

First Quarter of the Year Cambodian-Vietnamese Bilateral Trade Reach USD 331 Millions, while Cambodian-Thai is USD 213 million.

First quarter of the year Cambodian-Vietnamese’s bilateral trade reach USD 331 millions, Ministry of Commerce said.

The bilateral trade increased USD 80 millions, if compare to the same period in previous year, it said.

The Cambodian export to Vietnam is USD 36 million and Vietnamese export to Cambodia is USD 295 million.

In the first quarter of 2010, Cambodian export to Vietnam was USD 20 million and Vietnamese export to Cambodia was USD 231 million.

If compare to Thai, this quarter of the year the bilateral trade between Cambodian-Vietnamese  is bigger than Cambodian-Thai around USD 118 million.

For the first quarter of the year, Thai export to Cambodia reach USD 207.4 millions and Thai import from Cambodia reach from USD 6.3 million, while last the same period last year was USD 111.7 millions and USD 2.1 millions.


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