Chinese Coal Power Plant Factory Provide 130 Scholarship to Cambodian Student

Jiang Xibiao, Director of CIIDG Erdos Hongjun Electric Power Co Ltd, a Chinese coal power plant investor said the company plan to build a coal power plant in Preah Sihanouk, a southwestern province of Cambodia and expect to operate in 2013 will provide 130 scholarships to Cambodian student.

The 130 scholarships will be provided to different fields especially on electricity and the process of coal power plant, Mr. Jiang Xibiao told Rasmei Kampuchea Daily.

All of the student will send to study 2 year in China and back to work for the factory, that we expect to operate in 2013 and generate electricity from 7 big turbines and each expect to generateĀ  135MW, he said.

Today the company is cooperating with National Employment Agency to select the qualified candidate.


6 Responses to “Chinese Coal Power Plant Factory Provide 130 Scholarship to Cambodian Student”

  1. vannary ang Says:

    my name is vannary.i want to know about how to win a scholarship

  2. Heang Heng Says:

    My name is Heng. I have a brother who wants to study Electriicity, so it is a great opportunity for him. Thus, How to get this scholarship? What is the requirement for this scholarship? Could you please tell me which phone number i can contact to get further information. Thank you.

  3. howluca Says:

    my name howluca i want to ask when close scholarship for chinese .

  4. Chhoeng Pak Says:

    hello my name is Chhoeng Pak. I have heard this information via internet. It is a course that compatible with my interest and eagerness so much. So I would like to ask you how to apply to get this scholarship?

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