Lorry Drivers In Sangkee, Battambang Concern their Future

20 Lorry drivers in Sangkee, Battambang, a northwester province of Cambodia are concerning about their future when the government of Cambodia ban them driving on the national rail, according to Rasmei Kampuchea Daily.

Lorry is a local making transported vehicle. It can drive on the rail and make from bamboo and wood,  four iron wheels and can speed up by machine. It is a popular transport for the people who live along the rail. This has been

Ah! This is the lorry that I want to tell you. I think most of you already have experience with

introduced about 10 year ago since the rail is heavy damage and the national train can not operate, but in the future after the rail will be repaired, lorry will be ban.

It also attracts some foreign tourists as well and each of the tourists have to pay from US$ 5 to US$ 10.

But in the future this income will be no more for them when the rail are going to complete the repairing in 2012.


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