5 Asia Nation Bring Garment Machinery to Expo in Cambodia

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam bring their machinery to joint the 4 days expo at the diamond island or Koh Pich open today.

Mr. Tiger Lin, General Director of Yorkers Trade and Marketing Service of Hong Kong, and the co-organized the event said the four-day expo has brought together some 150 exhibitors with 250 booths, mostly garment and textile machinery companies, from China, China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The expo presided over by Mr. Mao Thora, Secretary of State of Commerce.

Mr. Mao Thora said at the expo that it is an important for Cambodia, while its industrial base mainly relied on garment.

“About 75 percent of the country’s industrial sector are garment”, he said.
It will pave the way for Cambodia to develop its current and future machinery industries with up-to-date modern technologies, he added.

According to Ministry of commerce, in the country there are 286 garment factories and has employed about 324,476 workers. In the first semester the garment export worth up to USD 1.93 billion, while at the same period in previous year was only USD 1.33 billion.


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