You Know when Rubber plant introduce to Cambodia

Mr. Ly Phally, Director General of Rubber General Department speak during the consultation of the draft law on rubber yesterday at the ministry of agriculture that, rubber was firstly introduce to Cambodia in 1910 by a French Man named Bouya.

According to his speech, during that year rubber had grew around 150 ha in Prey Nub district in the administration of Kampot province at that time. In 1921 it was transform to agro-industry plantation and started attracting some big French investors.

According to the statistic, in 1967 there are 66,000 ha had been grew the rubber plants and can got 53,700 tones per year, but no statistic in the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Up to June, 2011 there were 181,040 ha of rubber plantation, most were not yet yield. The rubber that can be yield there are only on 34,922 ha and can got around 35,000 tons to 34,922 tones, Mr. Chan Sarun, Minister of Agriculture said in the meeting.

According to Mr. Chan Sarun in 2020 Cambodia expect to have 365,000ha and yield 245,000 tones for export.

In the first semester of 2011, Ministry of Commerce said Cambodia can export around 21,511 tones of rubber and the export volumes worth up to USD 102.2 million increased from 11,665 tones, USD 30.5 million  in the same time in previous year.




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