Do You Know How Cambodian Call Orchid?

Most Cambodian people has known that orchid is one of the imported flower from foreign countries, but it was originally come from the forest in Cambodia and Khmer in 700 years ago call it as ‘Kesorkol’.

According to Cambodian Journal of Natural History, Kesoarkol or Orchid found in the bas relief of Banteay Srey and Angkor Wat temple over 700 years ago.

Now it was estimated that there are more than 500 species grow in Cambodia, the journal said.

Most of them grow in the mountains and hummed tropical forests, and the unique Tonle Sap Swamp forest.

40% of the orchid found in Cardamom mountains , 35% coastal areas, more than 13% in dry forest savannah and 10% in the Mekong Confluence, the journal said.


4 Responses to “Do You Know How Cambodian Call Orchid?”

  1. Cedric Says:

    You can find the full details of the history of Orchids or Kesorkol on or
    Thanks for the nice post Sophirom!

    And remember: leave orchids in the wild – all orchids are protected species and almost all are disappearing day by day from illegal poaching and people buying them from sellers near their habitat.

    The quality of the forest is just as important as the quantity.

  2. lareuniondesmarmites Says:

    Really beautiful Orchid.
    Tks for the post.

    Creole cuisine

  3. Cedric Says:

    The world olympics of orchids is taking place this month (November) in Singapore. The 20th World Orchid Conference.

    All Orchid lovers should know !

    The two orchids above are: Aerides and Acampe hulae-telepova. This latest one is one of the only two orchids that bear a Cambodian persons’ name: Dr Hul Sovanmoly.
    for more info: or

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