Flood Will Not Affects Siem Reap Tourism Sector

Cambodian government officer and private sector said flood will not affect to the tourism sector in Siem Rep and the rest of the country.

Mr. Tith Chan Tha, General Director of Tourism told Deum Ampil Media Center that the in Siem Rep however some part was suffered by flood but in Angkor is ok. Tourists still continue their trip in Angkor Wat.

Mr. An Kim Ieng, President of the Cambodian Association for Tourism Agency said the intervention to the tourist who was blocked by flood in Banteay Meanchey is a positive signed that make warm enough to the tourist.


One Response to “Flood Will Not Affects Siem Reap Tourism Sector”

  1. Steve Keane Says:

    Oh yeah, that’s right! The flooding will not affect tourism? Of course it will. Because the temples are clear, then everything is okay? of course not.

    Where are these tourists staying? The Temples? or are they staying in (flooded) Siem Reap? Are the tourists wanting to go out at night into Pub Street to eat and drink? Of course they are. “We have tourists staying here at my guesthouse right now… Are their holidays being badly affected? Yes, of course.

    Sounds like a cheap and easy comment by the General Director of Tourism to hide the fact that MORE needs to be done, MORE needs to be spent if Cambodia values the tourist $$$$!

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