Flood Make Cambodian Economic Down to 6%

The flash floods make Cambodia’s economic growth this year down to 6 percent, while originally predicted at 7 percent, Rasmeik Kampuchea Daily report Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Keat Chhon, Minister of Economy and Finance spoke this morning at the 2011 Trade and Investment Conference: Global Challenges.

The floods, and uncertain economy in American and EU have affected Cambodia’s export products, therefore the economic growth that we have expected at 7 percent will go down to 6 percent in 2011, he said.

According to H.E. Keat Chhon, this year, the industrial sector was projected to grow at 8.5 percent and the agricultural sector at 3.6 percent.

Until October 10, the flooding has so far killed at least 207 people, of them 52 percent are children, and affected about 1.2 million people in 19 inundated municipality and provinces. Some 600 houses have been swept away by floods and other 196,600 houses, 1,132 schools and 400 Buddhist pagodas have been inundated. Some 180 kilometers of national roads and around 1,800 kilometers of gravel roads have been affected.


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