Do Prum Manh Want to Make War with Media?

Last nigh, Prum Manch, a Cambodian vocabulary-comedian make a direct criticize against Koh Santepheap Daily, a leading newspaper in the kingdom on a scandal in his traffic accident recently.

He make the public criticize to the paper and a police officer by on-air super music show at the Southeast Asia TV yesterday to commemorate the independent day that the paper reporter and police commander in Ang Snoul district asked him USD 500 in an exchange of un publish an article on the paper on his traffic accident on October 16 when his car bit a motorbike driver heavy injured

It is the first time that the artist make public criticize to the media.

Replying to this, the police commander in Ang Snoul rejected his accusation, according to Deum Ampil Media Center report.

For this may I would commented some, I do agree with Prum Manch, but if he did nothing wrong why he was afraid the journalist.

In Cambodia today there are some journalist do this, but it is not all. Anyway if you do not do anything wrong how the journalist can threaten  you.

As far as I am a Cambodian newspaper’s reader, it is not the first time that Prum Panch has bad habit on the road.


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