Prey Lang, One of the Last Lowland Forests in Indochina

Today is the third day of the 7-day campaign that at least 250 ethnic communities members in four provinces walk into the Prey Lang to preserve the natural resources and forest, but do you know Prey Lang?

According to Cambdoian express news report, Mr. Chhuth Vuthy , Director of Natural Resources Protection Organization said  Prey Lang is one of the last lowland forest in Indochina. It covers around 100,000 ha most part of Kampong Thom, Stung Treng, Kratie, and Preah Vihear province.

“Prey Lang highly cost in bio-diversity and environment for Mekong river’s ecology”, he said.

Today, Prey Lang is a major natural resource where it can preserve water for the Mekong river and major natural resources for the ethnic communities, he added.

According to Mr. Chhuth Vuthy, Prey Lang is suffering by the development activities, including economic land concession, mine exploration, the illegal land grabbing and logging. The people live and survive by the forest products from Prey Lang most is Kuoy, Phnong, Kreung etc. Most of the resource the people has collected such as honey, resin, herb, forest fruit, and vegetables.

“The forest products from the Prey Land worth up to USD 6 million yearly respectively”, he said.

If there is the right investment, the forest product from Prey Lang is really bigger than this, he added.

The 250-member activists will come out the forest on November 13 and conclude their trip in the public forum at the freedom Park in Sandan village, Kampong Thom, center province of Cambodia.


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