Cambodian Tourists Starts Exploring Outbound Tours

Many Cambodians now start exploring outbound tours experience, Tour Operators in the kingdom quote by Rasmei Kampuchea daily recently

Ang Kim Eang, President of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents said too many Khmer now visit foreign countries, especially at the public holiday.

“Our Khmer citizen flock to Vietnam, some to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Macao, Japan, South Korean, EU, and Australia”, he said.

In Vietnam, most of our Khmer tourists not only spend their many for holiday, but also for the medical checkup, he said.

Ho Vanndy, Co-Chair of the Tourism Working Group said Cambodia economy now is stable, with infrastructure improvement, Visa exemption, most of our citizen flocked to visit neighboring countries, especially Vietnam, Thai land Laos.


To boost trade, and tourism, there are a lot of international border gate have been build, especially along the border of Vietnam, and most of the tourist apply their tour by land with reasonable price, he said.

According to the ministry of tourism’s statistic, in the first 9 month of the year the number of Khmer tourists increased 38.6% from 300,000 to 500,000 if compared to the same period in previous years.

Cambodia has totally 20 gates for the in and outbound tourists, 10 at the Vietnamese-Cambodian border, 6 Cambodian-Thai, 1 Cambodian-Laos, Sihanouk Autonomous Port, and two international airports, the ministry said.

“This year I spend around USD 2,000 for my tour packet to Hong Kong, Macao and China border with my wife, it is a cute trip with passionate travelling”, Ly Chan, a retired medical medicine said.

It completely different from the destination in the country, it is so nice views, clean, friendly, good social order. It is not in Cambodia the same and same every year.

“I used to visit Koh Kong, Sihanouk, Siem Reap many time, but every time it look the same situation, nothing change and creative to attract, but in Hong Kong or Macao there are more creative, and attractive”, he said.

Spending for holiday, especially on the public holiday in the country approximately at the same expense for visiting in Vietnam, Leng Rachana said.

“I spend only around USD 500 for my family ( herself+ her husband and two boys) for three day and two nigh visit in Hochi Minch, while last year I spend nearly USD 500 visiting Sihanouk province”, she said.

In Cambodia, it is so expensive, we have spend more than USD 100 for the gasoline, USD 90 for the two night sleep at a small guesthouse, USD 50 only for the place we have to stay at the beach for two days and more than USD 150 only for food, while Visit Vietnam, we just paid packets, we don’t worry about sleep, eat, and our destination. Sleep and eating we did in a beautiful hotel and restaurants


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