The Animal Symbol of Cambodia Has Disappeared

The Kouprey- Bos sauveli, an original Khmer species, has been recognized worldwide and named in Khmer version by international biologists has disappeared, a Cambodian biologist  quote by Rasmei Kampuchea Daily.

Mr. Kong Kim Sreng, a Cambodia Biologists said Kouprey today seemingly disappeared  from the natural habitat.

“During last ten years until now we cannot find any scientific evident to prove Kouprey’s present in our natural habitat, even the camera trap”, he said.

We still have some information about Kouprey only by interview from the villagers, but no more actual evidence, he said.

The Kouprey is similar to the gaur or banteng but they are unique in having a very long dewlap hanging from the neck, in old males almost reaching the ground. The bull and cow horns are distinctly different.

In the bull Kouprey, the horns have cores which are closer together and considerably larger; the horns form a convex curve for the basal half of the horns, dropping below the base, then rising upward and forward, extending slightly above the head with split at the tips.

The horns in the female are lyre-shaped, corkscrewing upward, the tips are never shredded, and the cores are thinner and farther apart than in the male. The lower legs of the Kouprey are white or grayish and dark grayish at old age.

Kouprey was classified as a critical endangered species according to the IUCN Red List. International Trade of this species is banned.

In the 1960s, the King of Cambodia identified and declared the Kouprey as the Cambodia natural heritage symbol  and re-recognized in 2005.


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