Third Quarters Number of Foreign Tourists Soar Up 15.6%

Until the third quarter of the year, the number of the foreign visitors to Cambodia increased up to 15.6%, according to the ministry of tourism’s report released today.

From January up to September 2011, the total foreign visitors to Cambodia up to 2.08 million, it increased over 15.6% if compared to the same period in previous year, the report said. Half of them traveled to Cambodia by Air and land, and water way is small number.

According to the report, there was approximately 1.04 million foreign tourists arrived Cambodia by air. It accounted 50.3% while by land there was around 1.03 million or 46.8%.

The biggest foreign visitor to Cambodia was Vietnamese with total 462,371 (increased 21.7%), 247,381 South Korea (increased 19.3%), 177,533 Chinese (increased 38.9%). The number of the foreign tourists come from Europe totally were 159,150(increased 13.8%) and Americas were 66,632 (increased 10%)


In the third quarter of 2010, total foreign visitors to Cambodia were only 1.8 million.

Last year, Cambodia received 2.5 million tourists, earning revenue of nearly USD two billion for the national budget. This year’s expected total is 2.7 million with revenue of USD 1.9 billion.

Cambodia expects to attract 7 millions foreign visitors by 2020 with totally income USD 5 billions, Minister of Tourism HE. Thong Khon said last week.

The Human Capital Implications of Future Economic Growth in Cambodia’s a UNDP’s report said there are 54,965 Cambodian are working in 8 important field in tourism sector. According to the report, there are 11,117 workers in accommodation, 8,287 workers in food and beverage, 4,212 in shopping, 10,417 in transport, 2,235 guides, 5,274 in airport staff, 2,660 in travel agencies, 5,763 in other tourism related to civil servants.


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