Flood Is Affecting Cambodia Tourism, but No Data Show

The devastating flood hit Cambodia since August is affecting the country’s tourism sector, Mr. Ho Vanndy, Co-Chair of the Tourism Working Group, Rasmei Kampuchea Daily report recently. “The flood inundated our country, especially Siem Reap, a main cultural tourism destination in the beginning of the high season, so, however we don’t want, but  we cannot stop the impact”, he said.

According to Mr. Ho Vanndy, the peak season of the Cambodian tourism market usually start in September to February, therefore to convince the customer there should be done something like more promotion.

There is no exact figure or evidence to prove the impact, but some data from the border gates mainly Poit Pet, a major foreign tourist gateway, the number of the tourists to Cambodia down, he said.

At this time the direct impacts are happing in some hotels, restaurants, transportation, and so on, he said.

“We are facing the same expense, but the income is down. There are a few booking even in the high season and previous booking have been cancel”, he said.

In early this week the number of the people who were killed by the flood up to 250 people, and the cost of the destruction was estimated that around USD 521 million.

“I know that the government done a destructive estimation, but I don’t know whether it include the tourism sector or not”, Ho Vanndy said.

Beside the flood destruction in the country, Cambodian tourism sector also face another influence from the devastating flood in Bangkok where Don Moeung International Airport was inundated.

“Less than 30 percent of our  guest come to Cambodia by Thailand under a slogan ‘one destination with two kingdom’ so it also affect our tourism industry”, Ho Vanndy said.


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