Canadian Insurance Company Interest to Invest in Life Insurance

Manu Life, a Canadian insurance company is interesting to invest the life insurance in Cambodia, Mr. Mei Van, Director of Industry and Finance Ministry of Economy and Finance said.

The Manu Life’s investment plan has been raised by Mr. Ron Hoffman, Ambassador of Canadian to Cambodia met Mr. Keat Chhon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance yesterday, he said.

In the meeting, Mr. Keat Chhon told his guest that Cambodia open door for the investment.

According to Mr. Mei Van, Mr. Keat Chhon said life insurance will contribute to the development of Cambodia.

In August, Ministry of Economy and Finance signed a joint venture agreement that lead to launch an insurance company for life insurance in Cambodia.

The agreement has been signed by secretary of state of economy and finance Mr. Aun Poan Moniroth and representative of PT Asuransi, an Indonesian based company, Asia Insurance, Hong Kong based company, and two Thai insurance companies, such as Bangkok Life Insurance, and Bangkok Insurance Public.

That Life Insurance will be hold by 51% by Ministry of Economy and Finance and the rest are partner with the 4 private companies above.


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