Airport in Phnom Penh Expect to Attract 2 Million Passenger

 Phnom Penh International Airport expects to attract 2 million passenger for 2012, Chief Executive Director of Cambodian Airports Emamanuel Menanteau said today.

“By the year end, Phnom Penh International Airport should be welcoming 1.8 million passengers and  next year, we will hit a new record by crossing the 2-million passenger mark a year” , he said.

From January to October 2011, the number of the passengers at the Phnom Penh International Airport soared up to 11%, the statistic report. In this period the passenger who entered Cambodia by the Phnom Penh International Airport was totally 1.47 million.

To cope with traffics and passengers growth, our company has continuously been building new installations, upgrading equipment and improving services, he said.

The country’s development has been instrumental in fueling our expansion. Concurrently, the airports have welcomed millions of visitors who have brought along tourism receipts, so vital for the prosperity of the country. With that, airports provide thousands of qualified jobs and sustain the well-being of hundreds and thousands of people and families, he said.

Today there are 23 airlines has been set up their regular flights to Phnom Penh and Siem Rep. Most of them flight from different destination in the region such as South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Burma, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and French, most make direct flight to Phnom Penh International Airport.


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