Cambodian Agricultural Chemical Pesticides Habit Is Little Bit Improve

The Cambodian famers’ agricultural chemical pesticides used habit is little bit improved, Mr. Keam Makarady, director of Cambodian Centre for the Study and Development in Agriculture ‘s Environment and Health Program said. Based on our team observation we see some improve in the chemical pesticides usage among our farmers, because most of them have been forced to translate in to Khmer language that is so different from last year, he said.

“This year, most of them also found register at the ministry of agriculture, which is showing some progress in term of law enforcement”, he said.

Another important point for this year, we also found that the chemical pesticides imported companies also have their own team to train the local retailed sellers.

Now the draft law on chemical pesticide law in the lawmakers’ hand and hope to pass soon.

“When this draft law has been improved we hope that the chemical pesticides usage in the Cambodian will be more safe and sustainable”, he said.

According Keam Makarady, there is no report about the chemical pesticide import from the ministry of agriculture yet.

Some 810 types of chemical pesticides were available at markets in Cambodia in 2010 between 40 and 50 of which were considered harmful to farmers and consumers of the crops, he said.


One Response to “Cambodian Agricultural Chemical Pesticides Habit Is Little Bit Improve”

  1. Bunthoeun Seng Says:

    It is really important to enforce law of the use of pesticides, but what’s about those vegetable which are imported?

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