The National Bird of Cambodia Now Has About 200

The Giant Ibis or Trar Yorng in Khmer Language now is preserving in its habitat in Preah Vihear, Stung Treng, Ratanakiri, and Mondukiri, Tan Setha Protect Forest Project Manager in Northern Plaint said today.

We don’t apply any survey on the Giant Ibis yet, but we estimated around 200, he said by phone.

Most of the Giant Ibis breed and lay their egg in Chhem district, Preah Vihear province in our protection forest, he said.

“We estimated that there are around 150 Giant Ibis habitat in Chhem, and the rest in the Stung Treng, Ratanakiri, and Mondukiri”, he said.

Giant Ibis has dark grey-brown plumage, light red legs, curved downward bill and 104cm in body length. It was classified as a critical endangered species in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. It likes to inhabit in dried open forest with many wetland (ponds, lakes, rivers).

Tan Setha said in last 12 years we did a study on it, and we total found out that there are 150 Giant Ibis habitat in north and northeastern plaint in Cambodia, most in Preah Vihear protection forest.

“That bird is so strange it breed and hatch only one child a year, some but not most is two, that why we estimated that there are only 200 Giant Ibis now stay in our country”, he said.

Cambodia people had believed that Giant Ibis is very intelligent, if a fail hunting on them in any places, they will never come to those places for ever. It is a popular bird, people like them a lots, especially it’s morning calls that connected to the heart of Cambodian farmers for love introduction as well as for remaining that it is time for going to the fields.


One Response to “The National Bird of Cambodia Now Has About 200”

  1. Sovannarith Says:

    It’s a good interview with Tan Setha. I would like to know his contact address. Of course nobody did a census on its total population yet in recently, I am workig a proposal project on its census. Please give me his address or someone els who involved with Giant Ibis.

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