Around 90% of the total students who graduated in 70 to 80 majors can find job, however some are not feed to their background, Touch Choeun, General Director of Youth, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport said.

“For the graduated students can be at least sale, marketing, and English teacher”, he said.

Education, skills and employment of Cambodian’s young people is critical for the growth of the economy and Cambodia, he said.

Seng Sakda, Director General of Labor, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training said annually there are from 250,000 to 300,000 youth are to enter the job market of course, 70% of them can access job.

“There are only 30% are jobless, so the government are trying to diversify the economy for the economic growth and generate more jobs for them”.

Most of the job markets today are in agricultural sector, industry, especially garment and textile.

“We expected that by 2020 only the rubber plantation can generate job to Cambodia around 3 million jobs”, he said.

Related to the job labor, on December 15-16, Cambodia government and International Labor Organization are going to host a Cambodia national youth employment forum to highlight the need for decent work when there are over 60 companies are expected to joint the event.



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