98% of Cambodian People Access Mobile Phone

Totally 98 % of 14.3 million people access mobile phone, Minister of Posts and Telecommunication So Khun said today.

“In Cambodia now, there are some 14 million are the mobile phone subscriber, 50% are Vietnam phone operator Metfone”, he said during a meeting with visiting Vietnamese Minister of Information and Telecommunications Nguyen Bac Son.

Among some 14 million are the mobile phone subscribers, Metfone from Vietnam received up to 7 million subscribers, he said.

At the end of last year the number of the mobile phone subscribers was only 10.9 million, but now it grows up almost 14 million, he said.

According to So Khun, Cambodia has 8 mobile phone operators: Cam GSM, Mfone, Hello  Limited, CADCOMMS (QB), Metfone, GT-Tell (Excell), Sotelco (Beeline), and Smart Mobile.

Mobile phone services account about 85 percent of the whole local market.

Chea Chan, a Mobile Phone Shop Owner said phone selling business is so good especially among the youth.

“Some days I can sell phone from 15 to 30 hand phone, while Sim Card sell hundred because it cheap”, he said.

Some of my clients come to buy 2 to 5 Sim Card each time, he said.


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