The Number of the Japanese Company in Cambodia Up to 80 Companies

The number of member-company of the Japanese Business Association of Cambodia (JBAC) is expected to rise more than 70-80 companies at the end of the year, its Chairman Hiromitsu Iwatate said at the Business and Investment Forum this morning.

“The regular member of JBAC are 69 companies, but we expected to rise up from 70-80 companies to the end of the year”, he said.

Today Cambodia is one of the Japanese investment destinations in the region.

A lot of Japanese companies are interested in another investment destination countries Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, he said.

The main potential sectors for the investment in Cambodia are garment and textile, food processing, agriculture and tourism, he said.

The retail business in domestic market, transportation service, natural resources development also the main potential, he added.

According to JBAC, from January to October there were 19 Japanese companies get approval from the Council for the Development of Cambodia.

The total investment in the first 10 month got by the Cambodian Herald was around only USD 6 million, while the whole investment project worth up to USD 6 billion. The first are UK, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia.



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  1. chea meng Says:

    i graduated from japan, and i am looking for a job in japan company

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