A Young Cambodian Orchid Farm

A kind of beautiful flower plants, like the grasses and the palms, which they resemble in some ways to the typical flower and usually appear in nearly every villages in Phnom Penh or the standard hotel unevenly is the orchid. In Cambodia today orchid is one of the most expensive flower, because most of them are import from foreign countries, however the weather is suitable for their growing easily. Orchid is one of the most beautiful flower in the garden around Phnom Penh, unfortunately most of them were imported from neighboring countries, epecially from Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan, except some that is growing in a few farms in Phnom Penh.Pen Khon, owner of Orchid Farm who starts sowing, crossbreeding and planting in his own farm said now orchid plant is one of the popular flower among the Cambodian richers, but we have not more than 10 farms. “Hundred orchid plant have been sold every month, but 90 percent of them have been import, therefore I am ambitious to establish my farm up”, he said. Orchid Farm is not a big one yet, that why it can not support the orchid market in Cambodia enought. This farm locates in Chea Sophara Development Village on nearly 1ha. Most of the orchid there is just the young orchids. Pen Khon said, “I want to support the market 100 percent, but I need time. Now I can say that I can support the market just 5 percent only, because of the technique I need to learn more. I just know how to breed, plant and sow them, but I do not know how to crossbreed yet”. “I can support the market just 100 pot per month, and they are ranke from $1.45 to $ 40 per pot depend on the kind of orchid. This what I can do now. Orchid is the flower for the rich man now,but in the nearly future I will make the poor can afford”, he said.Ms Lay Pech, a flower seller in Central Market said “there are at least 10 orchid pot are sold every week and each pot is not cheaper than 2 $ easily, while some kind of plant is 1 $, but is very difficult to sell”. She said, she can sell orchid plant so expensive, but she can not earn good profit from them, because they are the import product. She hope that if she can plant them by themselves or by Cambodian farmer they will get more profit and she can sell them more cheaper, but many people can afford.Among ten kind of the guarden flowers such as nerium alba, nerium cleander, tagetes erecta, hibiscus roasa sinensis, rose, cestrum nocturnum, bougainvillea spectabilis, mirabilis jalapa, and allamanda cathaca, are not expensive as the same as orchid plant, she said.   “Most of Cambodian people love orchid, but they can not afford, because it so expensive. I never see people get out the motocycle to buy my orchid. I just see they get off car”, she said with smille.  Pen Khon is not the plant expert, he is a journalists, but he love orchid. He know something about the orchid is from his reading some orchid book in English, Thai, and Chinese.According to him, there are thousand of orchid families. He said in reference to some document over the world there are 25,000 species. Some sources give 30,000 species, but the exact number is unknown since classification differs greatly in the academic world and in his farm there are only a few kind yet. Most of them are kurlya, and dendro orchid. “However, my orchid farm is a small one and have a few kind of orchids, but this is my optimistic, because it grow up by my own hand”, he saidOrchid is one of the most of expensive and favorable flower families over the world. It is  the largest and most diverse of the flower plant in the world. In Cambodia  it is so expensive and many Cambodian people can not afford that why Mr. Pen Khon have a vision to establish his own farm up. “ Now I am just starting, but if the future I would be success, I hope that the orchid plant price would be more cheaper and most of people who love natural garden would afford.”, he said.


20 Responses to “A Young Cambodian Orchid Farm”

  1. Lee Says:

    it is the kind of source information for me to looking into this kind of business if i would…! anyways Dear brother, could you please write more about this article? or could you please provide me some source to reach it?

    thank you before hand!

  2. Khan Sophirom Says:

    Hi, thank for reading my story. I think it is a good business, but if you need to learn more on how to start I think you please to do a suvey or contact the businessman or women who are applying this kind of business. I just know that. now in Takeo in Bati district our deputy prime minister Sok An build an orcid farm in his own farm in front of the Tonle Bati tourism destination and a farm in Phnom Penh thmei. or ask the gardener aroung Phsamei.


  3. Amy Says:

    Hi, I am a student at Oxford University and I will be travelling to Cambodia this summer to look at the trade/uses of orchids – would you be able to send me some more information about orchid farms in Cambodia?
    Thank you.

  4. Khan Sophirom Says:

    i see your email to me. and you say you are already arrive cambodia so welcome.

  5. Amy Says:

    Thank you for your help, Cambodia (and the orchids!) were beautiful!

  6. archannaa yadav Says:

    hi ! i am archannaa. my tour is coming to april in singapore. i want buy 5 orcide plant in diffrant colours. but i dont know any nursery. so can u delivered plant in my hotel.
    thank u!

  7. Baker Dan Says:

    Read your writting, I think that Cambodian orchid market potential and I have a quite big garden in Vietnam if you would like to exchange any experiences i am willing share with you to build own orchid in Cambodia.

    pls contact me:
    Baker Dan
    email: huynhvandantpchm@yahoo.com
    mobile: +84 907 912 185

  8. david chun Says:

    I believe there is a good export and domestic market for orchids grown in Cambodia. Years ago Khmers and Chams come down to Southern Vietnam and trade exotic orchids for supplies with the ethnic Chinese in Cho Long area. We have agricultural projects and trade network in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and the USA and would love to do some joint venture with your farm in Cambodia. Please contact me via email and I will share some of my thoughts about possible business venture that may be of interest to you. A big part of the flower business is in the marketing. With proper marketing, capital to expand your orchid farm can come about a lot faster. Please contact me at email: favorscity@yahoo.com

    • sophirom Says:

      yes it is a good business, unfortunately, this is not my own business. I wrote this because I see it is a potential business in my own country.

  9. vandeth Says:

    hi, i am the one of orchid grower,

    • sophirom Says:

      ok, well done, so please continue it. and I hope you can have a nice market and try to stop import it from our neigbering country

  10. Seasons Says:

    Best you should change the webpage title A Young Cambodian Orchid Farm SOPHIROM to more specific for your blog post you write. I enjoyed the the writing withal.

  11. sophirom Says:

    Can you explain me little more than this. I am trying my best to do that.

  12. Loreta Wytch Says:

    Excellent info here, This is what i’m interested in. thanks, i’ve bookmark your web page.

  13. Lim Says:


    I wonder if there are any Orchid farms near Siem Reap? I have looked for them online but fail to find any listed. Thanks.


    • sophirom Says:

      Based on information I have. no in Siem Rep. There are a few in Phnom Penh, and one in Takeo invested by Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of office minister.

  14. Bunseng Says:

    Dear Mr. Sophirom and all,

    I am quite interested in setting up a small cut flower farm in Cambodia. Could anyone of you all give advice on how could i learn on how to produce the flower such as rose, lily and orchid?

    If anyone of you have a farm such as Mr. Daker Dan, can i get your advice.

    anyway, nice to see this page..


  15. Yakov simon Says:

    Hi my name is yakov simon and this year we are constracting an orcide professional greenhouse in Siem Reap and Phnam Penh

  16. Voant Says:

    Dear Brother, I am Voant from Siem Reap. I work in travel agency. I got request from client that they love to visit orchid park. could you advise about your farm that i can arrange my client to visit there?

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